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Supporting HItler's cause- Students for Palestine

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Hitler supported his Muslim Nazi co-hort, al Husseini, in his quest to make "Palestine" "Judenrein". In Australia, university student union associations such as Students for Palestine are supporting the "Palestinian" quest to turn the Nazi dream into a reality.

Students for Palestine support a cause that was dear to Adolf Hitler and to Nazis such as al Husseini. That cause is the plight of the "Palestinians" in solving their "Jewish problem"; a "problem" that predated the creation of Israel. The plight of the "Palestinians", who are defined as Arab by race and Muslim by religion, is the striving to accomplish in deed what is demanded by Islamic religious doctrine: the elimination of Jews. This doctrine predates the existence of Israel. 

According to the hadith, which were compiled 1,100 years ago, the "Palestinians's" plight is Islamic; and involves a necessary committing of genocide of the Jews. And on their complete genocide, humanity, Islam promises, will find that god raises the dead, and judges them for their deeds, which is something a little more than the Nazis ever promised.

According to the Koran, compiled 1,300 years ago, the Jews were given the right to the "promised land" so long as they observed scripture:

"Moses said to his people [Jews], 'My people, remember God's blessing on you: how He raised prophets among you and appointed kings for you and gave you what he had not given to any other people. My people, go into the holy land which God has ordained for you – do not turn back or you will be the losers.' … you will overcome [a fearsome people in this land]... If you are true believers, [and] put your trust in God.'" Koran, The Feast, 5.20-23, Ali translation

A similar claim is made in the Old Testament:

"Be careful to follow every command I am giving you today, so that you may live and increase and may enter and possess the land YHWH promised on oath to your forefathers.” Deuteronomy 8.1

The Koran however accuses the Jews of not only failing to observe scripture, but of corrupting it, meaning that they forfeited any right to the land once promised to them:

"Allah made a covenant with the Israelites ... But because they broke their covenant We laid on them Our curse ...They have perverted the words of the Scriptures...You will find them deceitful except for a few of them ... " Koran, The Table 5.11-17 Dawood translation.

The hadith promises the "holy land" to Muslims, from Syria to Yemen. This includes "Palestine":

Abu Dawud Book 008, Hadith Number 2477.
"The Prophet said: …Go to Syria, for it is Allah's chosen land, to which his best servants will be gathered, but if you are unwilling, go to your Yemen, …for Allah has on my account taken special charge of Syria and its people." (! note: "Palestine" was created out of Ottoman Syria and did not exist until after WW1)

The so-called "Palestinians", who define themselves as Arab and Muslim claim a territory named after Mycenaean Greeks (Philistines) who settled there around 3000 years ago to be theirs to the exclusion of Jews and non-Muslims. However, the territory they lay claim to has to be made Judenfrei first, which is apparently not racist. This is reflected in the Hamas Covenant and a recent (2011) PLO announcement. This cause was also one supported by Australia's current Mufti who on his visit to Gaza in late December 2012 proclaimed he would induce the trees and stones to speak, for the purpose of flushing out all the Jews. Charming. This is the cause supported by the Students for Palestine which they so desperately want to not be known. Such also was the solution sought for Europe, and the world by Adolf Hitler.

"Palestinians", such as Hamas, proclaim genocide to be a central and mandatory component in their covenant, citing the genocide hadith (see below) in Article 7 of the Hamas Covenant that claims that even the rocks and trees behind which the final Jew might hide will call to the Muslim to tell them that a Jew hides behind them.
One of the hadtih calling for the genocide of Jews as a necessary precursor for Islamic Judgement Day.

Though genocide, and the incitement to commit genocide is a crime under International Law, university student bodies such as the Students for Palestine in Australia support "Palestinians", such as Hamas, in Hamas' endeavours to commit genocide of Jews. Ostensibly this is claimed to be really be support of protest against "Israel" - not Jews - and Students for Palestine insist that theirs is support is for a battle against "Zionism" which they equate with "racism". Because they so fervently shout down anyone who cites Islamic doctrine it is obvious to me that they are aware of Islamic scripture, but desire to hold onto their hatred of Jews.

The argument that they present is that Zionism is the causal agent for conflict. This claim fails in a number of ways. It is based on the assertion that only one side can be responsible for this conflict, and that this side is Israel, and that this is the fault of Jews alone, which means only the Jews' ideology, Zionism, and the Old Testament which it is claimed is the basis for Zionism, can be investigated or criticised, not Islam. 

As I have already discussed elsewhere ( , c. 2003-2004; & p. 30 Humanist Transhumanist , 2009, ISBN 978-0-646-52188-6)  Hitler used the Old Testament, Genesis, as a justification for his racism:
"So God created man in his own image... male and female he created them." Genesis. 1.27;
and on those grounds Hitler urged:
"...the admonition to put an end to the constant and continuous original sin of
racial poisoning, and to give the Almighty Creator beings such as He Himself
Created [is the goal]." p. 369 Mein Kampf

It is NOT a matter of accident that Genesis is the first book of the Torah (the Torah is the first 5 books of the OT). It is NOT a matter of happenstance that Hitler's racism is based on the books of the Old Testament (that constitute the Torah) to justify his racism. It is NOT a mater of serendipity, that if you intend your audience to blame Jews you would limit the debate to consider ONLY what they know, or believe they know, which is the Old Testament, as this will confirm their prejudices. And by condemning ANY reference or discussion of the actual basis for conflict, Islamic doctrine, the KORAN and HADITH, the Students for Palestine leave only the Jewish, Biblical, doctrinal elements available to be criticised because they only want one side, that of "the Jews", to be blamed. Unsurprisingly, only the Jews are found to be at fault by a process that allows only them to be blamed.

However, the claims that Israel is Zionist, and that Zionism is based on Jewish religious doctrine that calls for racial purity, and that Israeli "Zionism" is therefore racist and excludes non-Jews is not supported by evidence. Israel includes as citizens and has in its parliament not only Jews, but Muslims and Christian Arabs. One in five Israelis is actually Arab.
"Arab citizens of Israel[3] are non-Jewish Israeli citizens whose cultural and linguistic heritage or ethnic identity is Palestinian.[4] The traditional vernacular of Arab citizens, irrespective of religion, is the Arabic language, or more precisely, the Palestinian dialect of Arabic. ...By religious affiliation, most are Muslim, particularly of the Sunni branch of Islam. There is a significant Arab Christian minority from various denominations as well..."


If "Zionism" was the policy pursued by Israel, and if the "Zionism" practiced was racist and exclusionary of all but Jews, there should be no Arab, Muslim citizen nor any other non-Jew in Israel's parliament.

Indeed, the only "country" striving for a racially exclusionist nation is the "Palestinians" themselves, the very people whose cause is supported by the Students for Palestine.

In 2011, the PLO ambassador called for “Palestine” to be Jew-free. It was noted that this was the first nation since Nazi Germany to openly proclaim that it was striving to achieve this end.
The claim that Zionism is racism is one that has some history behind it, and for a short time it became a UN resolution. The notorious Zionism-is-racism resolution, the 1975 UN Resolution 3379 , became, briefly, international law though it was subsequently revoked. ("United Nations General Assembly Resolution 46/86 adopted on December 16, 1991, revoked Resolution 3379" (

Australian university student unions are supporting what the US ambassador to the UN once described as:

"anti-Semitism [as] international law" (

The Students for Palestine, and other like-groups support a genocide that is demanded by Islam, but demand we remain ignorant that this is a component of Islam so they can blame Jews for what happens to them much like al Husseini blamed Jews for the holocaust (cited below). They organise protests and rallies to silence any critic of Islam, who might make available Islamic doctrinal references.  

As this group allows for only Jewish doctrine to be scrutinised, and allows for the cause of conflict to be attributable only to Jews, their stance is consistent with that of Hitler, and like Hitler, they're racists.

Hitler accused the Jews of waging war on account of their "Old Testament vengeance". Hitler made this claim before WW2, when he proclaimed that a future war (being WW2) would be a war started by Jews that would end in the Jews' annihilation. The Palestinian Arab Muslim Nazi, al Husseini, supported Hitler and claimed, as late as 1954, that the Jews caused WW2 and that the Jews brought the holocaust on to themselves:

"In Berlin, [Husseini] and his fellow Arab collaborators made no distinction between attacks on Zionism and attacks on Jews in general. In 1954, Husseini wrote that 'our battle' was 'with World Jewery' and its colonialist allies. This battle was 'a question of life and death, a battle between two conflicting faiths, each of which can only exist on the ruins of the other.'" ... [Husseini's] versions of German history were identical to those of the Nazis. During World War II, Nazi propaganda claimed that the regime's attacks on Jews were acts of revenge for past and present harm that the Jews had supposedly done to Germany. In postwar Cairo, Husseini wrote...: '[the Jews] did whatever they could to lead to its [Germany's] destruction. This is the main reason for Hitler's war against Jews and for his strong antipathy toward them. They brought disaster upon Germany and led to its defeat, although Germany was the most powerful nation, from a military point of view. Germany's revenge against the Jews was harsh, and it annihilated millions of them during the Second World War. In this way, the Jew's aspirations in Palestine and their acts against Germany during the First World War aimed at achieving the Balfour Declaration, became the main reason for the disaster that befell them during the Second World War.'" p. xiv, Herf

Cover of Herf's book. It  is readily available from the Melbourne University Baillieu Library.

Students for Palestine would, LIKELY, not be as successful in maligning critics of Islam if they were not supported by academics who also criticise critics of Islam. Tim Soutphommasane, an academic and column writer for Melbourne's tabloid newspaper "the Age", wrote that criticism of Islam's religious doctrine is merely a veiled racism!

Students for Palestine's spokesperson, Yasemine Shamsili, interviewed during an anti-Gert Wilders protest, is a student of political philosophy at Monash University, the very institution where Soutphommasane is an academic. The field of academic pursuit for both is political philosophy (though I do not know if they have any shared involvement) at Monash University.

Having vilified and defamed, the critics of Islam, groups such Students for Palestine give themselves a carte blanche to vilify Jews with impunity and assert that Jewish religion forms the basis of Zionism and that Zionism and the Jews alone are the cause for conflict. Pointing to the doctrinal basis (Koran or hadith) for the actions pursued by various "Palestinian" organisations, such as Hamas who openly proclaim these doctrinal elements as basis for their actions, leads to an accusation of being “racist”. 

According to the Students for Palestine, their association came into existence as a consequence of the Gaza rocket attacks of 2008/2009 by Hamas (see below).

Hamas commenced the rocket fire attack against Israeli civilians indiscriminately and solely on the grounds that their targets were Jews by race. Human Rights Watch found in August 2009 that Hamas had perpetrated what amount to war crimes

Human Rights Watch report: Hamas' rocket attacks amount to war crimes. Students of Palestine blame Jews for Hamas' actions.

"Under the laws of war, individuals who willfully authorize or carry out deliberate or indiscriminate attacks against civilians are committing war crimes. The laws of war prohibit attacks the primary purpose of which is to spread terror among the civilian population."

"Hamas forces violated the laws of war both by firing rockets deliberately or indiscriminately at Israeli cities and by launching them from populated areas and endangering Gazan civilians," 
"[A] fundamental principle of the laws of war is that they apply to all parties to a conflict regardless of the justifications for going to war.  Whether it is Hamas’ claims of “the right to resist occupation” or Israel’s of the right “to combat terror,” the reasons for engaging in armed conflict do not permit a party to ignore its legal obligations in the way it conducts hostilities. 
"Some critics of Human Rights Watch's work have argued that its coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict fails to recognize the great disparity in the magnitude and extent of the attacks and losses caused during the recent fighting between Hamas and Israel and the vastly differing sophistication of the weaponry used by each side, thereby creating an artificial balance and softening criticism of Israeli abuses. 
"The conflict in Gaza was indeed characterized by great disparity in the military strength of the parties to the conflict. Palestinian armed groups primarily fought with small arms, whereas the IDF used highly advanced weaponry, including armor and aircraft. 
"The purpose of the laws of war is not to create parity between parties to a conflict, or to assess their violations in light of their relevant capacities, but to minimize the harm to the civilian population.  Violations of the laws of war are not measured in the number of civilian casualties, but whether each side is taking all feasible precautions to minimize civilian loss.  Using unsophisticated weapons does not justify failure to respect the laws of war, nor does an adversary’s use of sophisticated weapons provide a pass to its opponents to ignore those laws. Disparities in military capability, however measured, are irrelevant."  ( ).

Hamas, in pursuing their religion to make "Palestine" Judenfrei as it is ordered by the hadith, and who proclaim emphatically that the "Palestine issue" is a religious issue, and announce that the Koran is their constitution, have their intentions, and Islamic doctrine protected from criticism by calling "racist" those who might read the Hamas Covenant and investigate Islamic doctrine (Koran and hadith), because doing so will expose this to be a war waged solely by Islam against its doctrinal enemies, the Jews. 

The Hamas Covenant unambiguously makes the following proclamation: 

"Hamas Covenant 1988 

The Covenant of the Islamic Resistance Movement 

18 August 1988 

In The Name Of The Most Merciful Allah 

Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it" 

Article One: 

The Islamic Resistance Movement: The Movement's programme is Islam. 

Article Two: 

The Islamic Resistance Movement is one of the... complete embrace of all Islamic concepts of all aspects of life, culture, creed, politics, economics, education, society, justice and judgement, the spreading of Islam, education, art, information, science of the occult and conversion to Islam. 

Article Five: 

… adopting Islam as its way of life,… Allah is its target, the Prophet is its example and the Koran is its constitution.

Article Eight: 

Allah is its target, the Prophet is its model, the Koran its constitution: Jihad is its path and death for the sake of Allah is the loftiest of its wishes. 

Article Fifteen:

It is necessary to instill in the minds of the Moslem generations that the Palestinian problem is a religious problem.

The Education of the Generations: 

Article Sixteen: 

It is necessary to follow Islamic orientation in educating the Islamic generations in our region by teaching the religious duties, comprehensive study of the Koran"

Purely by arguments of omission, achieved by accusing their opponents of "racism", the Students for Palestine have mastered the art of propaganda. They have successfully re-engineered the "rational antisemitism" of early 20th century Germany.

Removing references:
1) to the Koran, in which god promised land to Jews for as long as they remained "true believers", which the Koran says the Jews forfeited on having corrupted scripture which mean that Jews have no rights;
2) the hadith that promise the entire Levant from Arabia to Syria being the land promised to all Muslims after the Jews were replaced by Muslims;
3) the hadith that call for the genocide of Jews as being the necessary prerequisite for "Judgement Day"; and that
4) Arab language Nazi radio, reiterated the doctrinal basis for the claim that the Jews had lost all rights when god replaced them with muslims;
intends for the suppression of information regarding Islamic doctrine so that only the Jews can ever be blamed so that such people can claim to have a good reason for hating Jews, without having to defend why they are racists for singling out the Jews alone. 

What Arab-language Nazi radio broadcast was:
"On March 15 [1943], the Arab Nation repeated the assertion that World War II was 'a Jewish war ... '... Your duty as Arabs is to unite in your struggle against these enemies... so long as Islam exists they [the Jews] will not be in peace, as they are aware that Prophet Mohammed chased the Jews from the Arab land and ordered Moslems to fight until they are extinct... the Arabs ... will rise against the Jews and fight them as they have already done in Palestine.'" p. 169, Herf;

Hamas is still trying to achieve what was proclaimed on Arab-language Nazi radio broadcasts 70 years ago. Students for Palestine call "racist" those who expose this so that they, because they are racists, can express their racist hatred of Jews unencumbered by having to defend themselves for their racism.

This is the cause supported by Students for Palestine and anyone who supports the "Palestinian's" cause - regardless of whether they are aware of it. Any claim of a lack of awareness of what aims the "Palestinians" are actually striving for, by those who support the "Palestinian's" cause, is the personal problem of the claimant. 


According to introduction of the PLO Charter of 1964, the Palestinians are confronted by "the forces of evil, injustice and aggression, against whom the forces of international Zionism and colonialism ", Israel.

This merely repeats the WW2 message of Nazi Arab-language radio, prior to the existence of Israel, which repeated  Hitler's claim:

"Throughout the war, Nazi Arabic radio repeated the charge that World War II was a Jewish war whose purpose in the region was to establish a Jewish state in Palestine that would expand into and dominate the entire Arab and Muslim world." Herf, p. 13 

These claims were repeated by the Nazi al Husseini himself:

 "…I am fighting the Jews without respite, and this fight includes the fight against the so-called Jewish National Home in Palestine because the Jews want to establish there a central government for their own pernicious purposes, and to undertake a devastating and ruinous expansion at the expense of the government of the world and other peoples." ("Appendix F", quoting from the diary of al Husseini, p. 137, Morse

Yet these very same claims are being repeated today.

 "anti-Semitism [as] international law". Australian Students for Palestine support the concept of legally enforceable antisemitism. This UN resolution made it mandatory to hate Jews and was eventually revoked.

The revoking of the "Zionism-is-racism" resolution by the UN.
"United Nations General Assembly Resolution 3379, adopted on November 10, 1975 by a vote of 72 to 35 (with 32 abstentions), "determine[d] that Zionism is a form of racism and racial discrimination". The resolution was revoked in 1991 with UN General Assembly Resolution 46/86.

 ...the resolution was:

'another manifestation of the bitter anti-Semitic, anti-Jewish hatred which animates Arab society. Who would have believed that in this year, 1975, the malicious falsehoods of the 'Elders of Zion' would be distributed officially by Arab governments? Who would have believed that we would today contemplate an Arab society which teaches the vilest anti-Jewish hate in the kindergartens?... We are being attacked by a society which is motivated by the most extreme form of racism known in the world today'"

I'll reiterate, the resolution that associated Zionism with racism was another MANIFESTATION of the hatred of Jews, such as the Protocols. 
Turkey's Erdogan used the "Zionism-is-racism" criticism of Israel. He was internationally rebuked for doing so. Australia's student university organisations such as Students for Palestine still make the same call as Erdogan but suffer no rebuke. At the time of my writing this, a court decision in Australia's racial fatherland, the UK, found that hatred of Jews on the grounds of "Zionism" is not a hating of Jews at all, therefore, ruling in contravention to what the UK government agreed was a racist idea in 1991. 

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